I have been called weird, bizzare and twisted for shipping STEREK but I will NEVER stop shipping them. I also ship Hobrien and I ship myself with Tyler Lee Hoechlin! I'm a die hard shipper and fangirl ♥


I don’t know what to do for the background so here’s some geometric shapes

I found out that I haven’t actual drawn a sterek fanart even after joining this ship

make me chooseanonymous asked: stydia or sterek

anythingpastorpresent asked: sterek or wincest

Okay since it’s ‘speak your language day”


Send me a sentence/word in English and I’ll translate it into my language

Derek Hale - six heartbreaking lines


Stiles bringing Derek back (based on x)

get to know me meme - 2/10 current celebrity crushes: Tyler Hoechlin

2/10 favorite Sterek scenes


He had been lost in the depths of guilt and fear for so long. Somewhere along the lines of it all, he forgot how to love.